NAME: Outdoor classrom of primary school in Planá 
YEAR: 2011 
ADRESS: Planá / 49.868689, 12.741002 
CLIENT: Town of Planá 
PROGRAM: Outdoor classroom / pleasure-ground 
STATUS: Under construction 
COSTS: 300.000 CZK 
SCALE: 2330 m2 

There is a somehow lost memorial in a forgotten park. The space, situated between a primary school palace building and fences on the back facades of urban houses, is filled with a desolation feeling. The space, in shadow most of a day, is deserted and stark, in contrast with Svobody square, the most representative part of the city, where are located the town hall, municipal library, primary school and post office of the town. Lapidary colored concrete blocks (prefabricated with module x*15¾") do not tend to create a shape in competition with the place, which articulation and structural richness is significant anyway. The blocks try to stay in the background with its simplicity, although its program considerably extends the range of activities that the place offers. On the plot, with an area of less than 0.6 acre, is designed a cluster of 7 "islands" with assembled furniture made of colored concrete blocks. Minimal budget, minimal maintenance and maximal endurance fulfill the client's wishes. The space is public and accessible all year long, although the design focuses on its use as an alternative outdoor class for the neighboring primary school.
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