NAME: Mezidomí/public space fest  
YEAR: 2013 
ADRESS: Ostrava, Masaryk square /  49.835656, 18.292657 
PROGRAM: Festival 
STATUS: Realization 
COSTS: 50.000,- CZK 
TEAM: Iveta Černá, Pvael Buryška, Barbora Mikitová, 
Alexandra Špoková, Lukáš Výtisk, Zuzana Hartlová,
Ondřej Lipenský, Andrea Jašková 
The space outside a building, behind walls, between buildings... any space outside a dwelling or other object is between houses. Between houses is a feeling of surrounding space. Imagine, that your house is actually a bedroom and when you go outside it through the door, there is fresh air and you are in a global living room for all the people in the world: in a common room that extends your household with areas of unlimited capacity! Betweenhouses is a street, a square, but also park and woods. It's a space we all have to care of together. Then we will understand we can use it together. Betweenhouses doesn't distinguish people according to their nationality nor to their social status. It's a shared space for everybody. We can find plenty of places in the city that do not work well. But it is often not a problem with the place itself or its architecture, but a problem with the people, who cannot use those places. Maybe nobody has ever told them or shown them the place, maybe they are afraid and shy to check it. At the Betweenhouses festival, many simple activities that can bring new life into empty places were presented. Festival itself, that's center became long table on in the middle of a square, is one of such an activity. Please accept our invitation to the common table!