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NAME: Bronx point  
YEAR: 2011 
ADRESS: Brno-Zábrdovice / 49.200453,16.622593 
PROGRAM: Public space 
STATUS: Study 
HPP: -  
The urban design for Zábrdovice, a district in Brno-center is a piazette formed by a vacant plot on the corner of block where Hvězdová street cross Bratislavská street. Although it has a lovely atmosphere, defined by a cosy scale and beautiful grown-up sycamores, the place has been ignored for years. The evidences are that this square is lacking a name, there are 15 parking places, fringe of traffic signs and is a popular place for walking dogs... The starting point of the renewal is to enhance the feeling of cosiness and safety, the most important features of a shared public space, and mutual communication. And where else do people feel self-confident like at their home? A flat is defined by walls, floor and ceiling. The piazette is defined by terrain, building facades and sycamore treetops. Using "home" features in public space creates the expected atmosphere. Furniture like sofas, armchairs, tables and lamps are accompanied by water features, grill, ping-pong table, bar, sandpit and a chess corner. The furniture mobility guarantees the variability of usage. A right composition creates a stage, open-air theater scene or a presentation space. The furniture can also stand without any order, according to current situation. A platform for meeting people of all ages is designed.
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