NAME: 3rd Sculpture Syposium / Sculpture for Cejl 
YEAR: 2012 
ADRESS: Cejl, Brno 
CLIENT: Museum of Romani Culture 
STATUS: Realization 

The history of Brno is written in Cejl Street and its surroundings. Former outskirt under the influence of the XIX century industrialization had turned the area into a quarter with numerous prevailing textile factories with residential buildings nearby for their Czech and German speaking workers. After the WWII, German speaking inhabitants were evicted and new inhabitants moved in to empty buildings. Among those new inhabitants, a significant group was the Roma people. Although Cejl is just 5 minutes away from the center, it is still a ghetto. 3rd sculptors symposium wants to show the quarter's relation to the city importance. Invited artists M. Mirga-Tas, S. Kazanxhiu, O. Gadžor, A. J. Raatzsch and B. Přikrylová will create, during the symposium, a sculpture for Cejl that will represent the quarter's identity, its history and presence. The symposium will be followed by a travel exhibition in Pécs, Rimavská Sobota and in Tarnow.