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Poster for serie of lectures on topic "czech retro design" 
NAMECzech the Retro! 
YEAR: 2011 
ADRESS: Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow 
CLIENT: Czech the Retro! team 
STATUS: Realization 

Only 10 years ago, memories from times of the totality regimen were accepted with embarrassment. Social demand of goods from foreign countries was satisfied by shopping malls and anybody rarely remembered mass media before November 1989. Half empty shelves, a design that hardly competes agains western goods and silly TV commercials of Kara coats, bee honey or Bajo chewing gums. Few years have passed and the situation has changed. Czech society is floating on a retro 70's and 80's wave and formerly well-known trademarks that seemed to vanish are experiencing a bright comeback. CZECH the retro! will present Czech products that were present in every Czech household before 1989 and were replaced with western counterparts and got forgotten. Nowadays, thanks to attention of retro and some nostalgia those items are becoming popular again - PRIM watches, toy IGRÁČEK, sport shoes BOTAS, all generations beloved soda KOFOLA and unforgettable scooter with creative name PIONÝR. 
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