NAME: Flat in Strašnice  
YEAR: 2012 
ADRESS: Praha-Strašnice 
PROGRAM: Housing 
STATUS: Realized 
SCALE: 47 m2  

PHOTO: Visual interpreter 

When we started to think about an interior of the small apartment in Prague, we were sure, that we don’t want to create an ordinary design with white kitchen and wooden floor, how it is popular these days.
The flat is situated in the new apartment house. It has nice sunny orientation, but the rest of its solution is more than standard. It is strictly divided in a few small rooms: entrance hall, bathroom with toilet, a room into which they must fit a kitchen, dining and living area, bedroom and walk-in closet. This high division of the small place doesn’t bring any benefit to its user. That's why we decided to work with some connecting element.
By using the simple material and colouring we were trying to bring an interconnection, continuity and unity into the living area of the apartment. After intense selection we decided to use the spring yellow – sunny and positive colour. This colour is appeared on the floor and on the built-in furniture and creates an special inner landscape.
In such a small place we wanted to behave economically. Therefore we designed built-in furniture, which integrates into itself maximum functionality and storage space. This solution resulted in lightness of the rest of the apartment
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