NAME: Modular kindergarten  
YEAR: 208 
PROGRAM: Education 
STATUS: Study 
COSTS: 21.000.000 CZK 
HPP: 378 m2 
Playing is important for the kids and not only for fun. The reason of this activity is learning. Playing is the most natural, and also most pleasant, way of learning that creates kids relations to the outside world, where they have to find and strengthen the habits and attitudes necessary for further development. Play, education and socialization are predetermined by the place dedicated for it. In other words, if kids find themselves in an empty and poor place they will hardly find motivation for playing. It is a place that will initiate their imagination, offer enough colorful bays, surround them with diverse images and, help kids feel satisfied. The mentioned facts became the goal that predicted a container composition that finally led to an object of cubic dimensions, an object with three tracts, an object with flexible layout that can accommodate a strictly separated classroom education or a free collective game of any kind in an open space. It lets the exterior enter inside, it can be easily adapted for important events (theater, projection, concert) and finally let kids to decide where to play from several options. Temporariness, diversity, mobility, trends of kids life in groups of same and different age, their confrontation and also success of spatial flexibility. A building that is able to adapt different spaces (cubic form is the most efficient in terms of geometry), building that can rise in its surroundings with its presence.
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