1 hlavni
NAME: Panelak flat
YEAR: 2011 
ADRESS: Tachov  
PROGRAM: Housing 
STATUS: Under construction 
SCALE: 57m2 

The quality of the flat's original layout corresponds to the general wide spreading of the negative image of prefab apartments. The main living space (kitchen and living room) faces north and the oversized bedroom faces south. Location on the first floor of the building helped to find a solution. This fact enables an essential change of water supply and sewerage (that are redesigned to be bellow the ceiling of the cellar floor). Then, a program for the rooms was completely reorganized. The original kitchen with dining room is transformed into a modest bedroom facing north. The living room occupies the most sunny parts of the flat (originally bedroom). A partial extension of the passage (in load bearing wall) between the kitchen and the living room creates a physical and visual connection of both rooms and better lightning in the kitchen, which keeps its north orientation.
Advantages of the new layout are clear functional relations while respecting client's wishes.